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Three Fs of Failing Faith

Three Fs of Failing Faith FEAR. We fear what will happen to our lives, and what we value, if we truly put our trust in God all the way. “Will he ask me to give up what I love? Will he expose something I did?” What do you fear? Faith must overwhelm our fear. Destroy…

The Pseudo-Intellectual

The Pseudo-intellectual A Brief Comment on False Thinkers Originally published, circa 2004 By: Jeff Piepho   In a world of terrorism, murder and corporate fraud there are innumerable dangers lurking.  These hazards wait silently to destroy the fabric of our society.  In light of these alarming certainties, one question stands out – who really is…


Foolishness of False Tolerance

A wise business man began his workday in the brand new “Power Tower”, located right downtown, in Capitol City. The new building had gone up overnight, and any growing business wanting to bloom was now located in this amazing skyscraper. When time came for the wise business man to eat lunch he stood from his…


Is Baptism a Prerequisite for Heaven?

Baptism is the expected initial outward response to the gospel, but it is not a part of the gospel itself (1 Cor. 1:17, 1 Peter 3:21). To put it in basic terms, baptism doesn’t save you – but once saved you will get baptized. For example, look at a baby being born. When a baby…


Can a Christian fall from grace?

Can a Christian fall from grace? This question is somewhat misleading. Perhaps a better way to ask it would be to inquire this way: “Can someone who does not enter Heaven be called a Christian?” Looking at it in this manner the obvious answer would be “no – someone who does not enter Heaven is…


Revolution’s Personality

“PERSONALITY” CONCLUSIONS (FUNDAMENTAL VALUES/FV) What is Revolution’s Personality? Do we look like a monastery, a church from the 1950’s, a modern church that is intellectual, or something else?   What is our style? We’ve discovered six fundamental values (FV) that make up the personality of Revolution Church. What are these six Fundamental Values? Just remember…


Spiritual Seekers

For Spiritual Seekers… by: Jeff Piepho “It is impossible to know if God is real because after all, God is immaterial and perhaps . . . perhaps even irrelevant.” On the other hand, what if his evidence was palpable? What if I could observe a real reason to believe? For those who are seeking God,…