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Produce some Fruit

We are all soil. Well, according to a story told by Jesus at least. Jesus compared the word of God to a seed, and said that each of us like soil. Pastor Jeff examines the four different types of people-soil and helps us to understand how to live a fruitful growing life.

The Process

Beginning a new sermon series, “The Simpler Life: Bring Peace into Your Home,” Pastor Jeff helps us find out how to reduce chaos and stress in your life by following God’s promises for a simple life. In this first message we receive a great reminder that simplicity and peace is not about owning things,or even…

Writing your Philosophy of Life

This week Pastor Jeff finishes what he began in the first sermon by providing the actual way to develop our Philosophy of Life. Find out what questions are important and why so many of our assumptions lead to extremely problematic ways of living.

Why Philosophy?

Pastor Jeff calls into question whether our lives are examined lives or simple fuzzy paths with no discernible direction. Find the importance of philosophy for the Christian and why proper thinking should be of primary concern.


In the final sermon of the series Pastor Jeff explores what it means for to have ShivAh. Using the word ShivAh as an analogy for how the Jewish people shared pain, this sermon explores how Jesus shared in the pain of Lazarus family. Find out how to translate this into our lives today.

Grave Clothes

This week Pastor Jeff explores the concept of grave clothes. When Lazarus was raised from the dead, he had grave clothes that needed to be removed. These clothes symbolize parts of our lives that need to be removed. Find out how God works through circumstances like this!

To Know

In this sermon Pastor Jeff takes a look at a second reason why God might allow suffering in our lives. God isnt missing, but often he lets us experience pain to get our attention. To draw us closer to him and even help non-believers come into faith. Find out how and why in this sermon.

To Glorify

In the first sermon of the series Pastor Jeff begins to explore whether or not God is missing in times of trouble. What is one of the first reasons why God sometimes allows pain, and how do we know that he is present?