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Spiritual Seekers

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For Spiritual Seekers…

by: Jeff Piepho

“It is impossible to know if God is real because after all, God is immaterial and perhaps . . . perhaps even irrelevant.” On the other hand, what if his evidence was palpable? What if I could observe a real reason to believe? For those who are seeking God, authentic data and hard facts are often illusive. Even honest seekers looking into the Spiritual realm often expect feelings, phantoms, emotions, and experiences rather than hard truth.

Imagine for a moment a religion that is testable. What would you do? What if a religion all boiled down to one fact, one historical event that was real, provable, and testable – and the conclusion was either true or false. But who are we kidding? Is there even such a religion in  this world that would hang every member, every follower by thread – one disputable fact? Who would be so foolish as to place all of their eggs iBuddhan one basket just waiting to be counted and weighed?

Hinduism represents a very broad range of religious beliefs. Although the Upanishads (the culmination of Hindu scriptures for Vedanta Hinduism) contains experiences of actual people, their beliefs are misty and untestable; essentially unprovable.   In fact, this Hinduism teaches that everything we see, all that hear and feel and taste does not even exist. Our world is merely an illusion, a mist.

Buddhism is a branch off of Hinduism teaching that life is simply suffering, caused by a desire for prosperity. The only way to eliminate the suffering is to follow the Eightfold Path. One can eventually reach nirvana, a way for you to ease your own suffering by eventually ceasing to exist. Although many depressed people may find this attractive sounding, there is no way to tests its validity. We cannot know if this is true. In fact, if you mentioned that to a Buddhist they may reply, “Now you are catching on!”

Islam is quite diffMuslim Womenerent from Hinduism or Buddhism. Rather than believing in many Gods or no Gods they believe in only one God. These followers also believe they understand the way to Heaven. It is through deeds such as reciting the Shahadah (a prayer/saying) several times a day and visiting Mecca among others. Each person’s deeds will be weighed at the end of their life to determine their final destiny. Again, this is completely unprovable.

Christianity is seemingly the religion in the most dangerous situation. Christianity began from Judaism when their leader, Jesus, claimed to be the Messiah that the Jews had been waiting for. The followers of Jesus claim that he died, and on the third day after his death he came back from the dead. Because of Christ’s resurrection, it is claimed that Christ is the way to Salvation. Indeed, the leader of a religion coming back from the dead would present a powerful argument. And this is where Christianity hangs by a thread. If the Resurrection didn’t happen, the Bible even claims that the followers of Christianity are “to be pitied more than all men.” If the Resurrection is true, Christianity is true. If it is false, Christianity dies. Everything hangs on this one event – and what’s more – it is testable. It is provable. This event can be researched, studied and the students can come to a conclusion: true or false.

Imagine for a moment a religion that is testable. What would you do? What will you do? Christianity, as the only testable religion, is certainly the most logical place to start for Spiritual seekers. I urge you, before you look at other religions to consider Christianity. It is either true or false, there is no in between. Christianity corresponds to reality because you can check its validity, and if this one event (the Resurrection) is true, you have found the right religion. If false, then the Bible itself warns against it.

Author: Jeff Piepho

Jeff is the founding Pastor of Revolution Church, and host of Truth Revolution. Not afraid to laugh at himself, his sermons contain plenty of examples of how he needs to apply what we are all learning.

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