I want to learn about God... but, I don't know if I'd fit in at Church.

If that's you, Revolution is your Church.

We're a Church for people who have never been to Church, haven't been in a long time, or don't own fancy suits. Get "when and where" info.

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God and kings

Eyes on God!

The epitome of faith is keeping your eyes on God, believing what he said, and obeying. Marching to “meet the problem” God’s way, while singing worship songs!

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10 Week Challenge (2015)

  For 2015 consider our “10 Week Challenge!” If you didn’t get on it yet, how about starting this week? We believe that God provides. The biggest problem isn’t that God doesn’t show up, it’s that we haven’t given him opportunity to show up in our day to day lives. So, Pastor Jeff is putting…


Foolishness of False Tolerance

A wise business man began his workday in the brand new “Power Tower”, located right downtown, in Capitol City. The new building had gone up overnight, and any growing business wanting to bloom was now located in this amazing skyscraper. When time came for the wise business man to eat lunch he stood from his…

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