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The Authority of Jesus

Are you curious why Jesus was able to make the claims and perform the miracles that he did? In this sermon from the Mark series, Jeff Piepho explores that authority as we see it in Mark 1:21-45. Check out how Jesus amazed people with His way of teaching, not because it was new, but because…

Prophetic Poetry of the Cross

Have you ever wondered how ancient poetry connects to Jesus’ story? Nathan Hylton explores the prophetic poetry of Psalm 22 and its stunning predictions about the crucifixion of Jesus. Nathan also highlights the parallels between this Psalm and New Testament writings. Don’t miss this great look at Messianic Prophecy!

Reject What You LOVE

Do you know the cost of following Jesus? In the his second sermon from the series “Mark (Jesus – the Son of God)”, Pastor Jeff Piepho teaches about exactly that. In Mark chapter 1, Jesus tells us what we must do to be his disciples. Using Peter, Andrew, James, and John, and Jesus’ own words…

Recognizing the KING

Pastor Jeff Piepho delivers the first sermon at Revolution Church’s new home and the first sermon in our new series through Mark. “Recognizing the King” is about the signs from Mark 1:1-15 that point to Jesus as the Messiah, the same one that the Old Testament authors wrote about. Jeff urges us to make a…

Jesus Wept, But Dries Our Tears

John 11:35 – “Jesus Wept” Bishop Ron Bowell digs into the paradox that Jesus wept for us in sorrow yet offers us comfort and healing. Ron uses various verses to point out that Jesus felt deep sadness, like we can, that He loves us and has empathy for us, and that God will wipe away…

The Prayer Mentality

“Consistence and Persistence Brings God’s Assistance!” Pastor Jeff Piepho finishes up the “P.R.A.Y.E.R.S.” series with this sermon about being still and trusting God, based on Psalm 46. Jeff teaches about God being our refuge when we are refugees, our strength when we are weak, and an ever-present help when we look for him. He also…

Pray for Healing – Part 2

“Consistence and Persistence Brings God’s Assistance!” Join Pastor Jeff Piepho for part two of prayers for physical healing from the “P.R.A.Y.E.R.S.” series (part 1 linked below). Through passages like Isaiah 40:31 and Luke 18:1, we learn that God DOES heal, He DOES answer prayer, and miracles DO happen. However, healing may not always come immediately,…

Pray for Healing – Part 1

“Consistence and Persistence Brings God’s Assistance!” Still in the “P.R.A.Y.E.R.S.” series, Pastor Jeff Piepho’s sermon this week is on prayers for physical healing. Jeff uses the CRACKED acronym to explain the meaning of James 5:14-16, followed by 7 reasons that healing DID NOT or is YET TO occur based on various other verses. Don’t miss…

Living Prayer

“Consistence and Persistence Brings God’s Assistance!” Bishop Ron Bowell delivers a sermon in the “P.R.A.Y.E.R.S.” series today called “Living Prayer.” Ron teaches 4 basic principles of prayer based on the key verses this week: James 5:13-18. Find out how these principles can help you grow in your prayer life!

If You Know How to Pray, You NEED to Pray This

“Consistence and Persistence Brings God’s Assistance!” Don’t miss this new sermon from the “P.R.A.Y.E.R.S.” series where Pastor Jeff Piepho teaches about the two prayers that everyone should pray. Using Isaiah’s encounter with God from Isaiah 6:1-8, Jeff walks us through two short, simple prayers that we should pray frequently. One to recognize that Jesus is…