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From Fear to Love

Fearing God leads to obedience. Obedience leads to loving God, which leads to loving fellow Christians. If we love each other then we automatically do what is right and will receive no punishment. Which in turn, means we have nothing to fear.


This week Pastor Jeff explores the lsraelites reaction to the 12 spies report of the Promise Land.

We don’t need peace

In this final sermon of the series, Pastor Jeff claims that “we don’t need peace.” Find out why this is a Biblical teaching, and how it applies to your life.


In this sermon Pastor Jeff continues to teach about a Simple life by examine what a treasure is. One of the best ways to find peace and simplicity is by eliminating all unnecessary problems from your life, and in this sermon you will hear how to eliminate those problems by changing what you DO rather…

Finding Rest

What does it mean to rest? Most of us think naps, relaxing, or even games. The truth is that rest goes far beyond all of those things. Pastor Jeff explains, in this sermon, what true rest is and how to live that way.