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To Know

In this sermon Pastor Jeff takes a look at a second reason why God might allow suffering in our lives. God isnt missing, but often he lets us experience pain to get our attention. To draw us closer to him and even help non-believers come into faith. Find out how and why in this sermon.

To Glorify

In the first sermon of the series Pastor Jeff begins to explore whether or not God is missing in times of trouble. What is one of the first reasons why God sometimes allows pain, and how do we know that he is present?


In this sermon Pastor Jeff examines a story of faith in Matthew 15:21-28. The woman in this story demonstrates a powerful example of believing that God can do anything! Grow you faith as we examine this miracle and why Jesus actually complimented her as one who has GREAT FAITH.


In this sermon Pastor Jeff explores the complement given to a poor widow who gave practically nothing for her offering. Why would Jesus compliment her, especially when there were so many rich people who gave much more? Find out why in this sermon, part of the series: “The Compliments of Jesus.”

John the Baptist

In this sermon Pastor Jeff examines John the Baptist. Jesus gave John the ultimate complimate, proclaiming that there was NO ONE like John!! Amazing. Find out why John got that compliment, and how we can follow the same path ourselves.

Complimenting Knowledge

In the first sermon of the series, Pastor Jeff explores the compliment Jesus gave to a teacher. Knowing that God desires us to love him seems easy now days. But find out why that concept caused Jesus to actually praise someone!

Special Guest Speaker: Ron Kramer

Ever wonder if just giving someone a bible will have an impact? Check out this special message from Ron Kramer! You’ll here story after story of how simply reading the bible has made an impact in many lives.

The Third Temptation of Jesus

In this sermon, Pastor Jeff examines the final temptation of Christ. What many people dont realize is how often Satan uses distractions in our lives, to pull us away from Gods plan. Even when the offer seems so good, we must be certain we are look at God and nowhere else.