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The First Temptation of Jesus

In the first sermon on The Core of Temptation, Pastor Jeff Piepho examines dependence upon God. Jesus was tempted to turn rocks into bread to ease his hunger. Find out why this temptation had nothing to do with food. Learn what it means for us, and how we can change our lives to avoid temptation.

State of the Church Address

The State of The Church Address. In this sermon, Pastor Jeff examines the state of our Church. Our we healthy? How can we do better? What is most important for 2007? In this once-in-a-year event, the struggles and goals of Revolution Church will be laid out.

Our Finest Example

In the final sermon for the series, Pastor Jeff takes a look at how God forgave us. We are instructed to forgive others in the same way. You may be surprised.

The Reason for Our Forgiveness

In this sermon, Pastor Jeff examines our desire for revenge. He shares how he secretly desired God to take revenge on people, until he understood what scripture really teaches about forgiveness. Find out why we are forgiven, how to know when you have forgiven, and why bad emotions sometimes linger.

The Nature of a Scorpion

In this sermon, Pastor Jeff explores the powerful act of revenge. From motorcycles to scorpions this sermon lays out clear direction about why we must be able to bring about our prides demise, if we truly desire to forgive.