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Scriptural Saturation

Without water our bodies will become very sick…and even die. Likewise, our Spirits have a thirst that needs to be quenched. Find out what it is and how to meet that need.

The Tools

If it is truly important for us to memorize the Bible, the question remains: HOW CAN WE MEMORIZE EASILY!? In this sermon, Pastor Jeff teaches how to memorize in a way that demonstrates how truly easy it is!

How to be the weapon

In this sermon, the second in the series, Pastor Jeff explores how to move beyond just trying to know God’s word or fight Spiritual battles into HOW to do it. In this sermon titled, “How to be the weapon,” Pastor Jeff explores the concept of what it means to digest the word of God –…

Don’t Read Your Bible

Don’t read your Bible!! In this sermon, Pastor Jeff examines why it’s important for us to “stop reading our Bible.” Don’t worry, it’s not heresy and there actually is a point. Find out why in this first sermon from the series “Holy Recall.”

The Approach – Why do we pray?

Elijah the prophet encountered fire, an earthquake, and powerful wind in what we would describe as a scene of destruction. But what Elijah found out is that encountering God is often far from what we expect. God was not in the fire, wind, or earthquake. God was something different. Find out what. In this first…

The Da Vinci Code Sermon

The Da Vinci Code is an amazingly popular book and movie. It directly challenges the Christian’s faith in the Bible and Jesus Christ. Yet, in this sermon Pastor Jeff encourages people to read the book! He also explains some of the major fallacies within the Da Vinci Code.

The Sufficiency of Christ

We all try to fix things ourselves. Whether we want to be better people, receive God’s blessing, or even have our sins forgiven we often try to find someway for us to accomplish it. The truth is though, we cannot. But fear not: CHRIST CAN! This summary sermon combines all of the previous seventeen sermons…