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Author Archives: Samuel Loy

Growth Group 15

We’re awesomer than the rest. We are busy, but honest. We will hold each other accountable and we will have fun together too! We will have childcare, $2.00 per child.

Growth Group 14

I’m passionate about the spiritual growth of others and will hold you accountable. I’m fun and believe in having a good laugh while we grow together in Christ.

Growth Group 10

Join us growing the Revo sisterhood. We are lighthearted, digging deep into weekly sermons, and goal oriented.

Growth Group 9

An animal loving couple who have a laid back but firm approach to accountability. We encourage and push each other out of our comfort zones to continue growth in our faith.

Growth Group 7

The legend says that one time this group started Wednesday at 6:30pm and didn’t end until the next Wednesday at 6:28pm. The legend is not true, but it is legendary.

Growth Group 5

Full Transparent/authentic leader. Laughter, great conversations, friendships, & being challenged beyond “safe” commitments to grow will happen. High accountability. Day: TuesdayTime: 6:00 PMWhere: Revolution ChurchWho is this for: WomenAllergy Alert: NoneCapacity: 6Childcare:Yes  

Growth Group 4

As first-time growth group leaders and parents of two lively preteen girls, we’re stoked to build an amazing community together! Join us for genuine connections, fellowship, and good times! Leaders: Larry & Jessica

Growth Group 3

I’m an introvert with a passion for technology, a desire to connect people near and far through video. We have discussions over video, and play card and board games. Bring your own snacks!

Growth Group 2

A highly accountable group that will challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone. We are intense jerk friends that also love to laugh, have a good time, and our snack game is on point.