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Generous Lives

Levi served many hours to lead us in worship.

Generous lives

Mike paints, like a boss, with his dedicated service.

Generous lives

Many people served to build Revolution Church.

Generous lives

This team served in Honduras, teaching, and building.

Generous lives.

Jeremy traveled for missions work.

Generous lives.

Paul gives his time as a computer network genius.

At Revolution, we don’t merely “help out.”

We serve God and people who were made in the image of God. Whatever we do on Earth to show love to each other, and to spread the Gospel, will be counted for eternal rewards.

We value serving God, and people, with joy.

We have two requirements for each and every volunteer, regardless of where you are serving. The first is to memorize two Bible verses.

Proverbs 12:1: “Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates correction is stupid.”

Basically the verse reminds us that everyone makes mistakes – and we have to be ready to admit we made a mistake and make it our goal to love being corrected. Not because we’re glad we messed up, but because we’re glad we are now doing it better! On the flip side, if we’re so arrogant that we can’t accept correction the Bible calls us “stupid.” Needless to say, it would be hard to work with such people – that’s why we all memorize this verse.

Jude 2: “Mercy, peace, and love be yours, in abundance.”

This verse reminds us that we absolutely have to be forgiving and merciful to those around. People will make mistakes – we must forgive.

Secondly, we want everyone to serve according to their gifts, and abilities.  To learn what your gifts and abilities are, you can take a Spiritual gifts class, personality tests, or even use trial and error. But, the goal is to let you serve God where you are most effective and where you will enjoy what you are doing.

So, what now? Simply contact us and let us know what you are interested in.