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Be Our Guest

I want to learn about God… but, I don’t feel like I’d fit in at Church.

If that’s you, Revolution is the place for you.

When and Where


What will Revolution Church be like when you visit?
What should you wear?
All these questions and more are answered below If you still have questions just contact us!

Video: “Awkward Moments in Church…”

You Matter

God made you. You were his idea! Because God is the wisest, biggest, most Holy and perfect being that exists we have to come to the conclusion that you matter – because, God invented you. Revolution Church isn’t here merely to make a social club for Christians. We’re here because we all want to learn about God, and we want to welcome in anyone who isn’t part of a healthy Christian Church. We want to welcome you to be part of this Church.

We exist, because you do. We’ve all been at that point where we were interested in God, but weren’t sure exactly where to go. So, our Church is made for people who are looking for a Church or place to know Jesus better. When the Pastor teaches, he teaches in a way that anyone (YOU) can learn about God! When we play music, we try to play music that we all identify with – guitars, drums, and bass.

You matter to us. You matter to God.  We simply want to be a Church that that invites people, like you, into our healthy Christian community.

What Should You Wear?


Wear whatever you want! Sweatpants, t-shirt, jeans, shorts… you’ll see it all here. As long as you’re not going to be arrested for indecent exposure, it’ll be fine.

The Pastor usually wears jeans and a T-shirt, so if he can get by with that, you’ll be fine.Worship

What about piercings and tattoos? Considering some of staff have tattoos, this is not going to be a problem.

What Should You Expect?

The service will start with a 60-second countdown: “60-seconds until Revolution Church begins!” After that, the worship team will start by playing some songs. Everyone who knows the songs sing along. Those who are still catching on just listen and enjoy it. We usually have about four songs.

When the music is done, we’ll take an offering. We simply pass a bucket down the row – nobody watches what you put in.

Then someone will get on stage and welcome everyone. Just sit back and listen. We do ask that everyone fill out one of our communication cards, so we know you were there (the Pastor will send you a letter), but that’s it.

After the announcements, Pastor Jeff will preach for about 45 minutes, but it’s so easy to listen to because he’s entertaining and engaging.

Then… we’re done! That is Sunday morning.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the Church you can come to our “welcome class” which we do once a month. No commitments, just free pizza and about 1 hour where Pastor Jeff teaches what our Church believes, what our denomination is, and lets any new guests ask questions.

If you want, watch some of our Church services on YouTube to see what it’s like!

What About Your Kids?


Where Imaginations Run Wild

In Matthew 19:14, Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” We believe that God is whispering in every child’s ear, “go ahead and wiggle, you’re a kid!” So if we are trying to make kids sit and listen to boring lessons for an hour, we are only fighting with God! So, we teach in ways that kids LOVE TO LEARN about God!

Most kids leave, saying, “Mom, can we come back next week?”

  • Baby Lanefor young babies; they will experience the most attentive care.
  • Tot Spot – for younger children; toddlers enjoying fun with loving supervision.
  • Kid-opolis – for children of school age, each age group experiences their own lessons in age-appropriate ways that are fun!!!
  • Club J.D. – for children in 4th-6th grade. These “Junior Disciples” learn the same thing as the adults, but for their age group

What about safety?

  • Every single person who works with kids at Revolution Church must undergo a State KBI background check.
  • Each parent/child is assigned a number so if there are any problems during the Church service your number will appear discreetly on the corner of the screens.
  • During the Church service the doors on the kid’s rooms are locked. If you need your child, simply knock and a teacher will come to you.

What About Your Teens?

Revolution Youth Group

Wednesday Nights: 7:00-8:30 p.m.

The Goal: Fostering a desire in students to live passionately for Christ.

Students in 6th-12th grade learn God’s truth in a fast-paced small group setting. Lots of object lessons and games with a point!

Students take time for Bible study, hang out, and play games. This gives them an opportunity for spiritual growth and fellowship with other Christian youth.

Contact Us When & Where? Get Directions and Times.