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Compliments 2020

Hey there!
Every year at EpicOffsite we give each other compliments.

This year, we’re asking that you select at least three people from the list and write 3-4 bullet points that compliment them. They will receive their compliments on paper, with your name attached.

Please go here and do that ASAP!

* Carrie is very generous, one time she bought me a meal when I didn’t have any money left.

* Jeff is super-attractive. Just seeing him on stage makes me realize that supermodel status is obtainable for all of us. (okay but your compliments should be real and not sarcastic)

* John has been one of the most outspoken people for the truth that I’ve ever known. He’s not afraid to tell people how it is, and I even saw him do this at growth group regularly – even when I said I could read the Bible ’cause I didn’t have time, he didn’t let me keep that excuse.

Something short, practical, and real about the person that you appreciate.


p.s. if the above link didn’t work try to copy and paste this one into your browser: