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Help Kayla and DJ Johnson


DJ and Kayla Johnson, regular attenders at Revolution Church, were in a serious car wreck on September 4th, 2018. Unfortunately, DJ passed away leaving behind his wife Kayla and two young children, MC and Christina.

Kayla has little to no way to pay for cremation costs of any kind. Her car is wrecked, and with DJ gone income is severely hindered.

Revolution Church has set up an account to help pay for funeral costs and give a little support Kayla in the near future.

GOAL:  $1,500TOTAL RECEIVED:  $1,433.00 (as of 9/16/2018, 12:24am)

Money will be delivered even if the goal isn’t met. Revolution Church takes no fees, all money will be given to Kayla, except for fees charged by processing company (2.6% + .30cents).

HOW TO GIVE1) Give ONLINE (be sure to select DJ Johnson)

2) Send a text message to 785-728-4431
include the amount and the keyword DJ
For example:
To: 785-728-4431
Message:  $20 dj

3) A check or cash to Revolution Church (please specify on check and/or in envelope “FOR DJ/KAYLA JOHNSON”).

4) A GoFundMe page has been started. Please note that we are unaffiliated with the creator of the campaign or GoFundMe, and that GoFundMe takes 7.9% + .30cents of all donations. But, if you are more comfortable giving through there, we wanted to point out the option.

to everyone who gave to this family! In doing so, you have shown love to Kayla and her children during a time of overwhelming grief and pain. Thank you for your kindness in their time of loss.