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Playing it Safe

Playing it Safe

Am I usable? YES! God gave you talents and wants to use you and those talents.


Have you ever thought about how much safety is a part of our lives? We wear seat belts when driving, we have extensive security measures at airports, and we even lock up our homes and other valuables. All in an effort to keep ourselves and our things safe. There is something else we lock up though and that is our God given talents. Each of us has at least one talent, some have multiple and God wants us to use those talents for the glory of His kingdom.


In Matthew 25 verses 14 to 30 Jesus tells a parable about three servants each entrusted with a talent or a certain amount of gold. The master comes back from his journey and rewards the first two servants who have increased and used what they were given. The third servant however, has his talent/gold taken from him and he is cast out because he did not use what was given to him for the betterment of his master’s holdings.


The third servant played it safe. Playing it safe will serve to stunt your faith, jeopardize your future, and will attack everything you know about Jesus. We each have talents, we just have to figure out what God wants us to do with them. It’s all about using what you’ve been given, taking that risk, that step of faith and being rewarded when we do so. It may not be a reward seen right away, but it will for sure be a reward waiting for you when God calls you home.


(Synopsis written by Christine Watkins)