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When Someone Screws Up, Focus on This

When Someone Screws Up, Focus on This


Think of sin as something being broken. When something is broken, you want to fix it. Yet in the case of sin, how does God want us to fix it?


No human is perfect and from time to time, someone will do something wrong. They might lie, cheat, steal, betray, it could be anything and when it’s against you, it hurts.


So what then do we do when someone wrongs us, or sins? There are several things we do and typically our first inclination is to punish the sinner for whatever it was that they have done wrong in an effort to prevent them from sinning again. Another option we might go with is to ignore a person’s sin, to act as if it didn’t happen. Some people might also forgive and forget or put a band aid on it so to speak.


Yet, these aren’t the best of options. Sin can be thought of as a breaking and when something is broken you want to fix it. To restore it. Bring it back to God. This should be our first and only inclination when someone sins. We forgive them, we love on them and work to restore them and grow them closer to God. This is untamed mercy and the way God prefers that we take care of those who sin against Him and or against us.


Sermon Synopsis Written by Christine Watkins

Speaker: Jeff Piepho

Jeff is the founding Pastor of Revolution Church, and host of Truth Revolution. Not afraid to laugh at himself, his sermons contain plenty of examples of how he needs to apply what we are all learning.