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A Blessed Budget

Do THIS to PROSPER – It’s not what you think!

“Do This To Prosper” is the last sermon in the “A Blessed Budget” series, by Pastor Jeff Piepho. Join us as we delve into Proverbs 11:24-28 and explore the supernatural TRUTHS about generosity and financial prosperity. Discover how blessing others financially can lead to emotional refreshment and prosperity in your own life. Don’t miss this…

A Biblical Plan for Your Money

Do you have a plan for your money? Do you always follow that plan? Welcome to Revolution Church! This week, Pastor Jeff Piepho brings us the sermon “A Wise Plan and Self Control”, the second in the series “A Blessed Budget.” In this message, Pastor Jeff explores smart money choices using verses from Proverbs 21:20…

Never Do This Again – God’s Biggest Money Warning

Debt does NOT have to control your life. Welcome to Revolution Church! Join Pastor Jeff Piepho for a transformative sermon titled “Living Within Your Means” from the new series “A Blessed Budget”. In this message, we explore the dangers of debt, challenge common cultural beliefs about it, and emphasize the importance of diligent planning. The…