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Facing Giants

How to Be a Giant Killer

No series about giants is complete without the ultimate story of David and Goliath. In this sermon Pastor Jeff explores the fundamentals of being a “giant killer.” Encouraging us to stand up and do the right thing even in the midst of trouble this sermon will challenge you to change the way you think about…

Giants Kill Weaklings.

Often God is portrayed as a compassionate, loving, forgiving God. And rightly so! But today we will see the other part of God: The God who cannot stand weakness. The God who called a nation to fight a war, and then doomed the men who refused to fight!! In this sermon you will be challenged…

The First Five Steps in Battle

Every single one of us faces problems in our life. How do you deal with them when they are “giant” problems? Battling a giant is completely different from battling a weak enemy, and this sermon explores the first five steps to defeat any giant in your life.