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Paul's Proof for the Resurrection

Paul’s Proof for the Resurrection 2/2

Explore the profound transformations of early Christians, from skeptic Thomas to the Apostle Paul, as they encountered the resurrected Jesus. Delve into biblical passages and historical records that underscore the pivotal importance of Jesus’ Resurrection in Christianity. Discover the evidence that cements the Resurrection as a cornerstone of Christian faith, and witness the undeniable impact…

Paul’s Proof for the Resurrection 1/2

Unveil the compelling evidence supporting the authenticity of Jesus Christ’s resurrection in this sermon, “Paul’s Proof for the Resurrection 1/2.” Pastor Jeff Piepho delves deep into the scriptures, weaving a narrative from 1 Corinthians, Luke, Mark, Matthew, and other biblical texts that attest to the pivotal event in Christian faith: Jesus’s resurrection. Drawing from ‘The…