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Peace and Prosperity (Proverbs 3)

Pain has Purpose

Life is full of pain! We go through loss and unhappiness in our relationships and in our jobs and sometimes it doesn’t feel like we’re making any progress! Why does God let this happen? Spoiler alert: God might just have a purpose for your pain.

God Doesn’t Want Your Leftovers

We often are caught living paycheck to paycheck, month to month, and instead of peace we live under painful anxiety. God has promised to take care of us, but one major problem is that It is totally natural to go against God’s ways! Jeff unpacks a proverb for how we can live with financial peace and prosperity.

How to Have Peace and Prosperity

If you had an instruction manual for all of life would you read it? Instructions are important, whether you want to bake a cake or install a lightswitch knowing the instructions could mean a difference between life and death. In this sermon Jeff begins a series about instructions for peace and prosperity in our lives.