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How to Destroy a Nation (and Your Life)

How to Destroy a Nation (and Your Life)


Big Question: How do we make wise choices?

King Rehoboam was in a precarious position: the people seemed leery of his leadership and a potential new King (Jeroboam) had returned to Israel.

Israel and Jeroboam give Rehoboam an opportunity: we’ll serve you, if you aren’t so hard on us.

Rehoboam takes three days to consider the issue (great choice!) and meets with the elders for advice (super great choice!).

Rehoboam rejected the elder’s advice and listened to his buddies thoughts.
Advice is truth and recommendations on the right course of action. It is not encouragement to do what you already want to do.

Reheboam takes his friend’s advice, and the nation collapses. Israel splits into Israel and Judah, and never fully reunites.

REJECTING WISDOM RESULTS IN NATIONS COLLAPSING! Therefore, it is pretty easy to see how rejecting wisdom could ruin _____Jeff’s_____ life.  [insert your name]

Practical application on how to make wise choices:

1) Take time to consider the issue.

2) Ask this question: What will benefit me most in 10 years? What will benefit me most in 1,000 years?

3) Obey what my elders, leaders, and Godly people say about my choices.

4) Don’t be unduly influenced by friends, and choose them carefully.

5) Obey what God’s word says.

Speaker: Jeff Piepho

Jeff is the founding Pastor of Revolution Church, and host of Truth Revolution. Not afraid to laugh at himself, his sermons contain plenty of examples of how he needs to apply what we are all learning.